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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Evolution of the Nursery

The Before Shot


...and More Cleaning!


...and More Taping!


...and More Painting!

Taking a Break With the Furbaby!

The Evolution of a stencil!

Aaron Gets to Play With Sharp Tools

Applying the Stencil

Voila! It's Finished!

24 Weeks down, 16 to go!

And Another Furbaby!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Back...But Not Here

Hi everyone! (Or anyone brave enough to actually check into my blog after no posts for two years!) If you're looking for a new post (Yes- believe it or not I actually did one!) you won't find it here. I decided to start fresh with a new blog. Please visit me at my new place.

In A Moment's Time

See you there!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Fifty Six

As many of you know, a Chelsea Morning is my mom. Well, today is her birthday. In honor of this day, I have decided to tell the world 56 things I love about her. Just so you know, this was a totally random number I chose because it sounded good with "Friday." Really. Mom is turning 30 today. Again.

56 Things I Love About My Mom...

1.She is one of the most creative people I know. She says she isn't, but you should see the things she's made.

2.She is a great teacher. She has taught me cross-stitch, crochet, sewing, and soon cooking.

3.She has always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

4.She has supported me in everything I have ever done. She spent a great deal of my childhood sitting on bleachers watching gymnastics meets, softball games, volleyball, basketball...She even spent four days in California with a particularly terrible group of teenage girls so that my cheerleading squad could be in a parade.

5.She shares her computer with me. This is seriously a big deal, because this time of year, the amount of school stuff I need to get done is insane.

6.She humors me when I get excited about something. She is always listening to me talk about my students, and even reads their papers if I insist she just has to see how cute or how good it is.

7.She is an excellent helper, and always willing. Last year, she spent an entire day with me shopping for school stuff and then setting up my classroom.

8.She never hesitates to loan me her couch when I get homesick on the weekends.

9.She also never hesitates to let me use her washer and dryer (and laundry soap) on those homesick weekends.

10.She always knows exactly what you need to feel better. Right after I moved out, she gave me my favorite blanket of hers that I always cuddled under. It helped a lot with the homesickness and still does.

11.She pulls off the absolute best Christmases ever! As a child and as an adult, my Christmases have always been extra special, even when times were tough for all of us.

12.She pretty much gives the best parties, period. Anybody who has never attended a holiday, shower, or bunko party at her house is truly missing out.

13.She is a great nana. I don't have kids right now, but watching her with my sister's son, I know she will be a great nana to my kids too some day.

14.She has an incredible love of reading, which she has passed down to me. She began reading to me before I could even sit up on my own, and to this day I still love to curl up with a good book. I will never forget this gift.

15.She is really smart. She grew up at a time where schools emphasized home economics and secretarial classes more than academics for girls, but she is still really smart when it comes to the bookish stuff. (Like kicking my butt at scrabble).

16.Education has always been important to her, especially that of her daughters. She was always there to help with homework and projects, and was our biggest encourager when it came time to make decisions about college.

17.She is addicted to TV shows, you know the "reality" kind. This sounds like a silly thing to love about someone, but I can't tell you how great it is to have someone to watch these with, and get as wrapped up in them as I do.

18.I can talk to her about anything. I never hidden anything from my mom.

19.She taught me how to play Rummy. Again, this sounds silly, but as a female in this family, this is a highly important skill to have.

20.She plays other games with me, too. Even as a little kid. I still have very fond memories of Mom playing Sorry or Monopoly with my sister and me. Most get-togethers don't end until Mom has gotten out at least one, sometimes two, games.

21.My mom is fun! She loves to have girls day out, and go to lunch or a movie or shopping. One of my favorite ways to spend a day is a margarita afternoon with Mom.

22.She would do just about anything for someone she cares about. Last year, she spent hours and hours making tons of beaded spider Christmas tree ornaments for me to take to school and give to the staff.

23.She is a fabulous cook. There is absolutely nothing in the world better than a meal made by my mom. I'd prefer dinner at Mom's house to a night out any time.

24.She always makes me feel at home. Even though I have my own place now, when I stay at her house, I never feel like a guest. I feel like I never left. This is probably why at 25, I still refer to my Mom's house as "going home."

25.She is the only person who will humor me when I start going on and on about this or that in teaching. I am pretty sure that many times she is zoned out, but she lets me get excited and ramble, and that is enough for me.

26.She took care of my Grandma when she was so sick. This act of love says a lot about her patience and her heart, and when you look at all she did, you can't help but be in awe of her.

27.She still has a friend from years and years ago (long before I even existed to her). This says a lot about her loyalty.

28.She has never stopped being a Mom. My sister and I are both grown up and (kind of) out on our own, but my mom is just as involved now as she was when we were toddlers. Just because we grew up didn't mean she stopped taking care of us.

29.She is sentimental. She appreciates the smallest of things, and always knows exactly what to do or say or give to make you feel just the right way. I still have little trinkets and treasures that I found in my stocking or Easter basket over the years that are even more special today than they were then.

30.She is one of the most caring people I know. I have seen her cry and fervently pray for people she has never even met - soldiers, hurricane Katrina and Sept. 11 victims, people in Bloggersville who are hurting. She cares so much that her heart aches for people she doesn't even know.

31.She laughs out loud when she reads. I know, another silly thing, but there is nothing more comforting on a "lazy day" than Mom reading her book and laughing out loud, completely clueless to the fact that everyone is watching her.

32.She is a great decorator. Every time I move into a new little apartment or house, I call Mom, and she comes and arranges the furniture, and hangs things and gets the decorations set out just the right way. Once, I left her in my apartment for an afternoon while I went to work. When I got home, it was like walking into a new place.

33.She finds humor in just about everything. No matter how bad I think a situation is, she can always figure out a way to make me laugh about it.

34.She gave me a past I can be proud of. I know a lot of people who don't talk about their past or their family, because of embarassment or shame. I love telling people about my family and my past. My mom has given me wonderful memories to share.

35.I had a fabulous childhood, and blame it on my Mom.

36.She laughs until she cries. Anyone who has never seen my mom really get to laughing might not understand, but when she laughs, it is the most infectious thing. Even if the thing she is laughing at isn't even remotely funny, if she laughs, you will laugh. We're talking tears and snorting. Really, you need to witness it. I love it when my mom laughs.

37.She always did what she had to to make sure my sister and I had what we needed. I don't remember having a lot of money growing up, but I also don't remember ever having needed or wanted anything. No matter what the circumstances, she somehow always made sure we had enough.

38.She knows me inside out- probably better than anybody. She never follows a Christmas or Birthday list, even if she asks for it - she already knows exactly what to get. She always knows what to do or say to make me feel better.

39.She loves everything living. People. Animals. Humming birds. If it breathes and moves, she gets extremely excited over it. (unless it slithers, I think she draws the line at slithers).

40.She is wise. Not only was she concerned about our academic achievements and success, she was worried about our success as people. She taught us the really important stuff - you know the stuff you don't learn in school. Manners, caring, how to treat other people, what to do when other people don't treat us well, empathy...She taught us this through words and her own actions.

41.She is okay with who she is. I have never known my mom to be too overly concerned with her image, or what other people have to say about her. She is who she is, and she is okay with that.

42.She is capable of finding beauty anywhere, any time. I can't tell you how many times she has made me drop what I am doing and come outside. Then she says "look!" and points at the night sky. You would think she has never seen the stars before.

43.She is capable of unreal levels of excitement. I have never met anybody who gets more excited than her over weddings, new babies, a new hobby, a puppy, a humming bird in the yard. It is like everything is new and different, even if she has seen it a hundred times.

44.She is more dedicated and devoted that anyone I know. When she takes on a new challenge, hobby, or task, she puts her whole self into it, yet still manages to hold down all her other forts.

45.She is the queen of clean. We kind of give her a hard time about this, but I have seen some kids come from really awful homes. I don't think she knows how much my sister and I appreciate having had a clean home to grow up in.

46.She wants to be a part of my life. Not just in the "oh, that's nice" motherly sort of way. She really cares what is going on and wants to be a part of it. I have seven and eight year olds come to me daily whose parents aren't in the least bit concerned about their lives. What a difference it makes.

47.She lets me be a part of her life. She tells me things and has real conversations with me. She doesn't hide things that are going on in her life, which to me is the ultimate relationship to have with your mother as an adult.

48.She still takes care of me when I am sick. If I have to get a sub at school, I drive straight "home" to Mom's house. I heal faster there.

49.She has unbelievable family values. I can't think of anything that is more important to her than her family. Her own parents, her siblings (esp. her sister), her neices and nephews, her husband and kids, her grandson. There is no one in this family that is not at the top of her priority list.

50.She is a born caregiver. She takes care of grandbabies, pets, daughters, hubby, plants, fish. It's like she can't help but take care of things.

51.She can fix anything. A tear, a stain, a spill... if there is something that is broken or needs fixing, you can bet she will figure out how to fix it. (And, she only uses four products to do it!) This is truly a gift!

52.She is forgiving. I have given her some not-so-nice looks and said some not-so-nice things in moments of high anxiety and low levels of sleep. (I do not handle stress well.) She has always forgiven me for these moments.

53.She can be a big mean mama if she needs to. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but if someone wrongs her family, you better watch out. I have seen her go from zero to mean in about 2 seconds flat. She stands up for me like no one else (except my sister, who clearly learned it from her).

54.She is lovable. Every one of my friends who has ever met my mom loves her.

55.She is beautiful. My friends are always telling my how pretty she is, and how young she looks despite being a whopping 30. I get so proud you would think they were telling me I was a knockout, or that I was somehow responsible for this beauty. Yes, it's a little shallow, but my mom is pretty, and I am proud of having a pretty mom.

56.I am who I am, and where I am, today because of my mom.

Happy Birthday Mom!!! I love you to pieces, and I am so happy that I get to come "home" today and spent at least part of your day with you.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Tuesday Treasure #1

This wonderful little treasure I found is a bird nest that sits right above my front door. When I was moving in, I knew it was there, but I thought it was empty. After I settled in, during a quiet afternoon I heard lots of chirping. I went and peeked outside, and discoverd three baby birds crying for food. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen!

When I first discovered these tiny critters, they were so little you could only see their beaks peeking out over the top. Now they are getting so big, and they are climbing all over each other. You can look at the nest at any time and see all three of them.

This little nest is a wonderful symbol of the major change I made recently. I went from a terrible apartment that was hot, smelled bad, and had terrible neighbors to an adorable little house with the sweetest little creatures ever right outside my door. When I discovered this treasure, I knew I had made the right decision.

All that's missing is the white picket fence!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just Another Day

Did I say there were 315 days left until our wedding? I did? Oh. Well, I meant 322...

It has been a long time since any of us has done an update on the wedding planning. Several weeks, actually. Know why? Aaron and I have been loafing around the last few weeks. We have done a lot of talking. We've discussed colors, decorations, location, the wedding party, you know, just basically how fabulous it's going to be. What have we actually done this summer? Well, let's!!!

My mom (A Chelesa Morning) has been telling me all summer, "You know, you're not the only couple getting married next June. You really ought to start confirming some stuff." Thankfully, my mom has not been under the same impression as me. You know, the impression I had that the world revolved around MY wedding. Guess What?!! Mom was right! (I wonder how many times I will have to admit this before I start listening to her the first time.)

So the other day I called Enterprise Hall. (See the post titled A Site to See). I told them I wanted to go ahead and confirm the 16th for our wedding. Guess What?! There is another couple in the city of Grand Junction who is getting married on the 16th of June. And it gets better - they already confirmed Enterprise for that day. Imagine!!!

After hanging up, crying, telling Mom nobody cared about MY wedding, and just generally freaking out, I calmly called them back and asked them what days they did have available. The 9th and the 23rd. I told her I would call my DJ, and then get back to her. After two calls to the DJ and several calls/emails to Aaron, I had the "go ahead" to confirm for the 23rd.

I called Enterprise back and told them I would like the confirm the 23rd instead, and that we would be in the next day to pay the deposit. Here's how the converstation went:

Her: "Oh, I'm sorry. I just booked the 23rd."
Me: "What?!! I just talked to you and changed the date with my DJ and photographer!"
Her: "Oh, wait. It's you I just booked with. You're Amanda, right?"
Me: "Yes! Thank You! Can I come in and, like, pay now?"

So, now it's all said and done. Aaron told me he was proud of me for how well I handled the situation. (What he does not know will not hurt him). Our official wedding date, confirmed and everything, is now June 23, 2007. As Mom pointed out, at least we have another week to plan it!

Only 322 days to go. I better get busy...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

So sorry for the delay everyone! I have been busy packing, moving, unpacking, getting get the picture! Here it is! This is my little house, and my home for the next year. I must give my mom (a Chelsea Morning) all the credit. She took all the pictures, picked which ones to use, and then put together the slide show. Really all I'm doing is claiming the post. Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm Still Your Friend!

It has been well over a week since I have posted anything. I am generally really bad at keeping up, but this is pushing it, even for me. In a sense, I feel like I am ignoring my friends. So, here I am, with an update.

As you all know, I was in desperate need of a home. At one point mid-month, I asked myself why I ever got the idea to turn in notice on my apartment. There are pretty slim pickings here in good old Montrose, and I was having no luck finding anything better than what I already had. Now, as I sit in said apartment, I am reminded why I am moving...again. I should be packing boxes right now, but just moving is a challenge. It is so hot that I am afraid if I even adjust myself in my chair too quickly, I will overexert myself and pass out. I survive by carrying around a little fan.

However, I have been blessed. My fiance went into superman mode, and drove down here last saturday, vowing that we would find me an apartment before he left. We found better than that. I am now the proud tenant of a little house. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It is one bedroom, one bathroom, and very very tiny. It isn't cramped clausterphobic tiny, but cute tiny. And the owners just finished remodeling, so everything, even the siding on the outside, is brand new. It has an air conditioning, also newly installed, a little patio, and a storage shed. It has a cute little yard, that my landlord will take care of, and a tree. I have also inherited a pet. There is a bird nest on the porch, with two little birds. I demanded that the birds stay.

So, that is my excuse for having been absent from the blogging world. I am in the process of moving into my new home. I promise that I still really like everyone, and that I am not ignoring you. You are still my friends. I also promise to post pictures as soon as Mom gets up here with her camera. You will love it!

So, in my absence, just know that I am here, and I am in the process of figuring out how to fit a large apartment into a small house. And, I am loving every minute of it (and purging a lot of stuff).

Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Krissy!

As you all know, Missing Marbles, known to me as Krissy, is my big sister. Well, today is big sis's 27th brithday! In honor of this big day when she makes the transition from mid-twenties to late twenties, I decided to do a post and call it:

One Million Reasons Why My Big Sister is the Best Big Sister in the Whole Wide world!

But then it occured to me that there is no way I will be able to type all one million reasons before my turn on the computer is officially over. So, here are the top ten... (for full benefit of these photos, click on them)

#1. She is always watching over me, the great protector. Everyone knows not to mess with "Krissy's little sister or else..."

#2. I always have someone to go to for fashion advice. She is the only person I will ask, because I know she will be honest with me.

#3. She always has me practically rolling on the floor laughing. She is seriously funny! Okay, so it's usually at my expense, but she's still funny.

#4. Growing up, she went out of her way to toughen me up, make sure her little sister wasn't a sissy. Okay, so I kind of am a sissy, so it didn't really work, but she tried really hard. Really hard! How sweet can one sister be?

#5. She is always there to support me in whatever I do. Even if she isn't, you know, thrilled about the activity.

#6. I always have a place to rest my weary head. Even now, I still turn to my sister when I need someone to listen, or just need someone to let me cry and litsten to me sniffle and whine.

#7. She is concerned about my welfare, always making sure I do the right thing. Even as kids, she felt a responsibility for me. Sometimes, though, as little sisters do, I would mess up. When this happened, she always knew who to run to and tattle. But she always did it out of love and concern for me!

#8. Even when it is my sister's turn to shine, she always finds a way to make me feel special and involved. She's never left me out of anything, not even her prom. (Unless she had a friend over, then it was SCRAM!)

#9. Even though she's known as "the tough girl", she has a very sweet and tender heart. She has an amazing capacity for love. (And a soft spot for furby).

#10. My sister is one of the most beautiful people I know. Growing up with her, I always had someone's footsteps to follow and someone to want to be just like.

Growing up, I sometimes took for granted just how lucky I was. Now that I am older I realize how blessed I am to not only live close to my sister, but to be close to her.

Happy birthday, Krissy! It shouldn't take a birthday for me to express my love to you. So just know that 365 days out of the year, you are one of my best friends and favorite people. Thank you for giving me someone to look up to.

I should have titled this post: One Million Reasons I am the Luckiest Little Sister in the Whole Wide World!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Now I've Said My ABCs MeMe

My mom tagged me for this, and I'm going to do something I have never done before. I am going to respond to a tag the same day I got it!

*Accent: Pure Coloradan. Born and raised. Except for the short period of time in Missery, I mean Missouri, but that doesn't count.

* Bible Book That I Like: I am still learning, via my student bible, so I am not familiarized with many. Right now I am studying Luke, and I am enjoying it. I love learning about Jesus' life.

* Chore I Don't Care For: Vacuuming. I am not fond of loud noises. When I was little, I was afraid of the vacuum. Dad still teases me.

* Dog or Cat: Definitely dog. I had cats, and I loved them with all my heart. But, after my recent apartment experience, I do not think I will ever own one again. Besides, Aaron wants a Great Dane so bad, I just can't say no. (or get a cat).

* Essential Electronic: My discman. I know! It is almost obsolete these days, but I love listening to it as I fall asleep.

* Favorite Movie: Annie. Believe it or not, the original with Carol Burnette and Aileene Quinn, not the remade Disney version, which is totally not the same thing.

* Gold or Silver: Diamonds. Wait, that wasn't an option. Okay, silver. I don't own much jewelry, but what I do own is silver. Except my engagement ring. That's white gold (and beautiful).

* Handbag I Carry Most Often: I don't. I don't even own one. I carry the daytimer my dad bought me, which contains everything I need. Except chapstick, but that's what pockets are for.

* Insomnia: Not at all! I usually stay up so late reading that by the time I lay down I fall right to sleep.

* Job Title: Elementary School Teacher. Currently third grade.

* Kids: None. Unless you count 19 eight-year-olds that I will meet in August.

* Living Arrangements: Ha! You added this just to mock me! Currently, my parents' couch. But I promise, I am not a bum! It's just that my apartment is not... ideal. I am in the process of fixing this right now! Really!

* Most Memorable Moment: So far, the day Aaron proposed to me. I am sure my next one will be June 16, 2007.

* Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Sock fits. Really. When I was a kid, I had an issue with the way my socks felt. If they weren't comfortable, I would rip them off and throw them down the hallway in a fit of tears and rage. I have outgrown this. I do sometimes have the urge to do this with my bras, but I have outgrown the sock fits.

* Phobias: Spiders. And bees. And spiders.

* Religion: Christian

* Siblings: An older sister and a brother-in-law. Aaron is an only child, so Andy will be my only in-law sibling.

* Time I Wake Up: Right now, at 7:30, when Krissy, I mean the baby shows up. During the school year 5:01. I have issues that if I set it right on the hour, it won't go off.

* Unusual Talent: The only thing I ever had a talent for was cheerleading, but that is not exactly unusual. Umm... I am not particularly talented at anything. Oh! I can stand on my head for an unreal amount of time!

* Vegetables I Refuse to Eat: None. I am not in love with any, but I don't particularly dislike any either. I do like fruit better, though.

* Worst Habit: Okay, so this was the toughest one for me. In my notebook, I had written hangnails. (I pick at them and my hands look terrible). But, I was afraid to admit to my real worst habit. I am a smoker. I picked it up in high school, and I hate that I do it. I do it in the closet, few people know, because I never want one of my students to find out, but I do it. But! I did set a quit date. Aaron and I set "wedding day goals" and mine was to quit smoking. So, I am on my way. Pray for me!

* X-Rays: My mouth in middle school. This ended in braces. My neck in college when a cheerleading stunt fell on me. This ended in a neck brace. I do not like X-rays. They do not typically end well for me.

* Yummy Stuff I Cook: Kraft Macoroni and Cheese. Okay, so I am not real "up" on the cooking thing. But I still have 340 days until I become a wife, so there is still time to learn! (Mom, can you help me?)

* Zoo Animals I Like Most: Regular zoo: penguins (I collect them). Petting zoo: llamas. (long story).

Okay, did anyone notice that there is not "O" or "Q"? I know my mom didn't, since she eluded to 26 categories, but anyway...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

So I was thinking the other day, "I am not nearly stressed out enough." I mean, all I have to do is plan a wedding, figure out how to budget said wedding and still have somewhat of a life, keep up with summer projects I have been assigned by my school, and somehow get to Montrose and get a classroom going again. I mean, really, nothing. So I thought to myself, "What can I do to liven things up a bit?" And then it came to me. "I know! I'll move into a new apartment!"

So, on June 30, I made the 90 minute trip to Montrose and informed my property management company that I would be out by the end of July. Sounds like a rash decision, right? Allow me to take you back in time about a year...

About a year ago, I moved in with a friend. I had just finished the teaching program and was working as a summer nanny for a family that didn't pay much. I was also working part-time for a golf course. After a year long full-time teaching internship with no pay, I was broke. My friend offered me a room in her condo to help me out. She was wonderful - a good friend and sister in Christ. But I longed to have my own place. I wanted my dishes and furniture and "stuff" out of storage.

A few months later I got a teaching job 61 miles away. After nine weeks of driving three hours a day, a friend of mine from the teaching program (who got a job at the same school) offered me her spare bedroom. Within a week the move was done. She, too, was a great roomy. We had a lot of fun together and became great friends. Despite the fact that splitting bills and rent made life easier, and we had a blast, I still really wanted a place to call my own.

In March, everything started falling into place for me. I got an apartment right by the school, and was able to move in on April 1st. April Fool's Day was an appropriate date for this move!

The day I moved in, Mom, Dad, Aaron and I walked in to a peculiar smell. Upon walking around, we quickly realized that the place had not been shampooed (or cleaned at all for that matter). We figured the smell, whatever it was, would go away whenever they got around to their responsibility of having the place cleaned. We went ahead and started moving in the boxes we had brought with us. Right after we finished unloading two trucks and a jeep, a guy from the property management company showed up (a day late) and offered to shampoo around my stuff. As soon as the carpet got wet, we realized what the smell was... cat pee. Everywhere. The living room, the upstairs bedroom, all the closets. Which is funny, really, because this is a place that does not allow pets. We immediately reported it to the company. They responded by spraying deoderizer on the spot in the living room. Instead of spending my first night in my new apartment, I drove back to my parents' house to sleep a few more nights on the couch, because it simply was not livable. This was only the beginning...

Other than the fact that my mom spent the day cleaning bugs out of all the light fixtures and replacing every lightbulb in the apartment, while I peeled chewed up gum out of 13 places, the smell was by far the biggest issue. The company told me they would not fix anything until I turned in my move-in checklist. I filled it out in detail and turned it in the next day. I also mentioned that none of the four blinds worked, and that there wasn't a single screen on the windows. I also made sure they knew that all the towel racks were being held up by rubber bands. They assured me that they would fix everything.

What was the result of this check-list? Another layer of febreeze on the carpet (which really made it worse since it got it wet again) and my dad spending a small fortune at Ace Hardware and making another trip out to fix everything for me. To this day, I still have one set of working blinds, because they decided to fix 1/4 of the broken ones. At this point I was getting mildly irritated.

Over the next two months I put in six complaints about the horrid smell. The result? Six coats of deoderizer on the carpet. This gave me about 18 days total of relief from the smell. At one point, they told me that if I moved everything out of the room, they would fix the smell. So I did. I spent an entire evening (on a school night) transplanting my living room into my kitchen. The next day I came home to an incident report letting me know they had sprayed deoderizer. Yay!

Over the last three months, I have spent more nights on my parents' couch than I have in my own apartment, and I haven't spent a single night there since the last day of school in May. I have gone back a few times to water plants and work on classroom stuff. Each time, the smell is worse. There is not a single cooling thing in the apartment (no a/c, swamp cooler, fans, nada). Do you have any idea what cat pee smells like at 110 degrees?

To make a short story long, I will be out by July 31st, and this really was not a rash decision. The decision to move in was. I should not have been so desperate to have my own place. So, even though it will be a lot of work, and I am (mildly) stressed out about it, I still look forward to having a "home sweet home" I can breathe in. Please pray for me as I begin yet another quest for a decent shelter. (And forgive me the tangent I just went on).

Anyone have any ruby slippers I can click together?